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Looking for a tough and reliable rod to troll around behind your boat? You've come to the right place. Whether you're out in the ocean trolling for Salmon, Kingfish, Mahi-mahi or even Tuna, Marlin, and Grouper or hitting the local lake for Stripers, Bass or Crappie, we have what you need in a solid selection from trusted brands such as Fenwick, Berkley and Jenko.

Do you know what type of trolling rod you're shopping for?

Trolling Rods are tough and sturdy rods that generally handle heavy loads from big fish, planer boards and big baits/lures and are meant to take the wear and tear of being dragged in a rod holder all day behind a boat. Trolling Rods are generally used in multiples on boats with several rod holders to maximize your chances of catching numbers from schools of predatory fish.

Saltwater trolling rods will be used with saltwater reels, generally Conventional reels that are salt and corrosion resistant and will generally be bigger than fresh water models. Make sure you check out our selection of Conventional reels and accessories such as rod holders and planer boards especially if you are new to the technique!