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Sick of retying your knots over and over while patterning your favorite Gamefish? Tired of breaking off when using light line? Oh, Snap… at the Fishbrain shop, we've got you covered! The Fishbrain Shop has a full lineup of snaps and clips from trusted brands like Mustad, VMC, Berkley, Northland and more!

Do you know what kind of snaps and clips to buy?

Snaps and clips are tools that tie directly to your line to function mechanically in place of a knot. They work by clipping directly through the eye of your hook or lure. They can replace a multitude of terminal knots and even function in place of a loop knot to allow for the perfect action when used with Crankbaits!

They are the perfect tool to eliminate the time and hassle it takes to tie a knot and their tensile strength is much higher than that of standard fishing lines, reducing the chances of breaking off when fishing Big Game or heavy structure!

Tight lines and Fish on!