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Sick of waiting for your line to get down into the right place in the water column or bottom? Grab some of our weights from Lead to Tungsten, in all shapes and sizes today! We have a lineup of weights for just about every fishing technique or situation there is! Let us help you catch the big one with our massive assortment of weights!

Do you know what type of fishing weight you’re shopping for?

Drop shot weights are meant to be used with the drop shotting technique and feature a pinched, sharp terminator that allow the line to lose the sinker rather than, your lure or the fish if they get snagged. Bullet weights are meant to slip on a Texas-rig and come through grass easily. Screw weights are meant for Neko rigs and are inserted inside of the Soft-plastic itself. Split-shot weights are meant to be pinched onto the line itself to add weight to almost any presentation. Tungsten sinkers allow you to feel and identify structure through your rod by transmitting vibration much better than Lead due to its super-high density. Lead sinkers are more disposable and should be used for casual fishing, or when expecting to break off often.