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Choose the right Fishing Rod for your fishing needs

The material of the rod is important to consider. Rods can be made of fiberglass, graphite, or the combination of both. Graphite rods are firm and lighter, making them more delicate, whereas fiberglass rods are comparatively cheaper and heavier than graphite rods but are more agile and don’t break easily.

Length of the rod is an important factor, larger rods used for fly fishing, can cast long distances and are easier to carry around as they can be dismantled for easier storage. In comparison shorter rods are used with lighter lures and are great for casting over a smaller distance, and wont weigh you down.

Spinning rods, preferred for saltwater fishing, are mostly used with live bait for trolling. The guides and reel are located at the bottom of the rod. On the contrary, casting rods have guides and reels located at the top of the rod and can withstand an exceptional amount of recasting. Trolling rods are used for fishing from the back of a boat in motion.