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Our collection of reels ranges from beginner reels to heavy-duty tournament reels and can cater to any budget.

Spinning Reels are very popular fishing reels that offer a lot of functionality. Spinning reels were initially suited for small and medium game fishing but breakthroughs in engineering have made these useful for a variety of occasions. These reels are recommended if you’re looking for small to medium-sized fish. Spincast reels are more suited for new anglers as they are easier to use than spinning reels.

Conventional reels are built for catching big, strong fish under challenging conditions where other reels might fall short. They come in various sizes and are usually suited for fish like mackerel and tuna.

Baitcasting Reels are preferred by anglers who demand more control and accuracy and want to land their lures with precision. These reels take your game to the next level catches like inshore striper, pike, and salmon.