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Monofilament line. The Golden standard worldwide when it comes to fishing and here at the Fishbrain shop, we have Monofilament line from all the best brands, for every situation and species, in every size, for every temperature and occasion you could imagine!

Do you know what type of monofilament line you're Shopping for?

Monofilament line is a floating line that can be used for just about anything when it comes to angling. Unless you need a sinking line (i.e. Fluorocarbon) Mono is a go-to whether you're on the tournament trail, out on the deep blue sea chasing big game, or down at the local lake for a day of fun.

Lb. Test or #Test is the standard by which the weight that it takes to break the line is judged. Many manufacturers produce line that is more durable and have actual tensile strengths above their rating by sometimes up to 30%. The lower Test strength of the line, the smaller the diameter of the line. Know which size line (or lb. test) to use by knowing the power and weight of the species of fish you are targeting. Smaller species can be caught with low Lb. Test line, however big game should be targeted with higher Lb. Test line. If you aren’t sure which line to pick, simply use a search engine to ask “What lb. Test Monofilament line should I use to catch X fish?”

Tight lines and Fish on!