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Lookin' for some twitch, twitch pause action from the finessesiest of the hard lures? You've come to the right place. We have Jerkbaits from brands like Berkley, Rapala, Johnson, Jenko and more in hard lures and multiple brands of Soft Plastic Jerkbaits as well. You literally can't wrong here!

Let us help you catch the big one with one of our Jerkbaits!

Do you know what type of jerkbait you're shopping for?

Jerkbaits are designed to closely mimic the fleeting, darting motion of a fleeing or wounded baitfish. They can be used to target Freshwater species such as Bass and other gamefish or multiple Saltwater species including Drum, Snook and more.

They are generally fished rhythmically with a twitch and pause variation. This rhythm should become faster for warmer, more active fish and slower for colder, sluggish fish, although they can be reeled straight in like a crank and even ripped or burned through the water to trigger highly active fish. Many Jerkbaits have very reflective or mirrored sides to trigger fish that are cued visually by flash. Others are matte however, both variations are dependent on species and their forage.

If you're looking for a new technique to add to your arsenal, there's nothing quite like a jerkbait!

Tight Lines and Fish on!