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Looking for a presentation that many Bass will never see or a proven Pike magnet? Trying to hit that sweet spot between Soft Plastic lifelike action and treble-hook hookup ratio? Look no further. We have a selection from brands like Headbanger, Spooltek, Phantom Lures and more! We even have replacement tails that swap out easily for when the tough standard ones finally wear out. Let us help you catch the big one with our Hybrid Swimbaits!

Do you know what type of hard swimbait you're shopping for?

Hybrid swimbaits are largely used to target tough lipped fish such as Pike and Muskie but will also catch Bass and other gamefish. These are another series of lure that can be used to give a seldom-seen presentation to Bass.

Any time conditions allow for trebles, use them. Treble hooked lures provide much better hookup ratios than single or even double shanked hooks. The only time they shouldn't be used is when structure or plant matter is too thick to get an exposed hook or treble into and out of successfully. If you've never used one of these bad boys before, pull the trigger today!

Tight lines and Fish on!