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Hard Body Swimbaits for Sale


Buy Hard Swimbaits Online

Whether you're Looking for a presentation that many Bass will never see or just looking to jump off of the Crankbait wagon for a while, you need to look no further. We have a selection from brands like Berkley, Sebile, Jenko, Vense and more! We even have replacement tails that swap out easily for when the tough standard ones finally wear out. Let us help you catch the big one with our Hybrid Swimbaits!

Do you know what kind of hard swimbaits you're shopping for?

Hard swimbaits are largely used to target Bass but will also catch other gamefish including Pike and Muskie. These lures are vastly underused as tools by amateur fishermen but are a staple amongst Professionals and experts in fishing alike. These lures are made of tough plastic that can take a beating and with proper treatment will last for years to come. Hard Swimbaits use treble hooks that hang on the underside of the lure for maximum hookup ratios.

While generally used to fish in depths from 6 inches to 3 or so feet, you can add weights to many Hard Swimbaits to affect depth and action. When twitched on a slow retrieve or while paused, Hard Swimbaits will do a sharp 180 turn, which signals a challenge to many species of gamefish inciting massive aggression strikes from wary followers.

Any time conditions allow for trebles, use them. Treble hooked lures provide much better hookup ratios than single or even double shanked hooks. The only time they shouldn't be used is when structure or plant matter is too thick to get an exposed hook or treble into and out of successfully. If you've never used one of these bad boys before, pull the trigger today!

Tight lines and Fish on!