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Buy Fishing Casting Gloves and Fishing Gloves for Sun Protection


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The most important part of any fishing fanatic is their hands. Protect yours from the sun, the rain, the cold and the water with our selection of gloves from brands like Simms, Aftco, Home Run, Mustad and more!

We have everything from fishing gloves with half fingers for casting and sun protection, mittens and full-fingered gloves to keep you warm to tough Neoprene hook, tooth, barb and fin proof gloves to keep you out on the water longer. At the Fishbrain Shop, we've got your hands covered!

Did you know?

The most unprotected part of an angler's body as far as exposure to the sun, are their hands. We cover our body with clothes and sunscreen and protect our eyes with Sunglasses, but how often do we cover our hands? Protect your most important asset from with a pair of our fishing Gloves today and you'll be glad you did!

Tight lines and Fish on!