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Frogs & Soft Topwater Lures


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Looking for the best topwater action you can get or the biggest blow-up a Bass can manage? Throw a topwater Frog or one of our Soft Plastic toads from brands like Spro, Big Bite, Stanford, Berkley, Terminator and more!

Topwater Frogs and Toads are meant to mimic one of the favorite snacks of species like Bass and freshwater gamefish world-wide: the humble Frog. These lures are some of the most weedless and snag proof presentations you can use. While meant to resemble a Frog in the water, don't hesitate to throw them anywhere topwater activity has been spotted for a unique looking profile and presentation.

Let us help you catch the big one with our Topwater Frogs and Soft Plastic Toads!

Do you know what topwater and soft plastic lures you're shopping for?

If you or an angler you know is an avid Bass fisherman, then you can't ever have enough Topwater frogs. These are the lure collectors favorite lure. Available in all shapes, colors and sizes for every situation, these lures will trigger massive blowups and crushing strikes from Bass and other gamefish. No other lure gives quite the experience that the Topwater frog does and if you've never used one before, you're missing out.

In many areas of the world freshwater can become so clogged with algae, structure and plants that the only lure you can throw is a weedless topwater Frog. Stop passing up the slop that everyone skips. The fish know the areas that don't get visited and that's where you'll catch the big ones. No other lure will get into those impossible places like a Topwater Frog will.

Fished with a rhythmic wrist-twitching action on Braided or Mono line, topwater Frogs dart back and forth on top of the water just like a real amphibian fleeing from trouble. They can also be paused like no other lure to drive finicky fish into biting. Topwater Frogs are designed with weedless hooks embedded into the lure itself while soft Plastic toads are meant to be rigged onto regular EWG 3/0-5/0 Bass hooks and should generally be used with medium to medium heavy rods (depending on the hook size and situation).

Tight lines and Fish on!