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Shop Fly Fishing Rods Online

Looking for a Fly Rod to attach your favorite Fly reel to? Look no further! The Fishbrain store has a varied selection of fly rods encompassing 1-4wt Small Trout and Panfishing, 5-6wt all-around Trout rods, 6-8wt Bass, Big Trout/Steelhead, Carp/Buffalo, Salmon & Saltwater.

Our rod selection covers everything from Salt water to Fresh water. Panfish and Sunfish, Bass, Perch, Salmon & Trout, Carp & Buffalo, plus many Saltwater species become accessible through our selection.

Do you know what type of fly fishing rod you're shopping for?

Rod selection will vary depending on the species of fish you are targeting. If you or the person you are shopping for has a species that they target exclusively, you may want to consider the following:

Fly Rods are a unique form of fishing rod that are “Fly-Fished” (Repeated casting using small “Flies” or Bug & Larvae imitations cast generally in wading depth water, streams, shallows and rivers). Fly Rods should not be used with any reel except a Fly Reel. Fly Rods come in different lengths and numbered “weights” (abbreviated wt, weight is a measure of the line size you should use with the rod). An all-around Fly Rod choice would be 5wt and 9 ½ ft. length.

The smaller the fish is, the lighter the rod "weight" should be. Generally the heavier the fish species is, the heavier the weight should be. The length of a Fly Rod is longer than other fishing rods because the rod is used as a lever to cast very lightweight lures/flies repeatedly.

Panfish (Bluegill, Crappie and other Sunfish) are generally caught on 1-4wt rods, Bass, Salmon and Trout are caught on 5-8wt rods and anything heavier will be caught on 8-14wt rods. Most Freshwater fish can be caught using a Fly Rod, however bottom feeders such as Catfish generally won’t respond positively to Fly Fishing, many Saltwater species are also accessible via Fly Fishing.

Tight lines!