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Shop for Fly Fishing Reels and Spools Online

Whether the Mayfly hatch is on and the fish are booming, or you're just looking to go down to your local creek or lake for a little peace and quiet, you've come to the right place.

Looking for that perfect Fly Reel to attach to your favorite Fly Rod? Look no further! The Fishbrain store has a varied selection of Fly Reels

Our Fly reel selection covers everything from Saltwater to Freshwater. Panfish and Sunfish, Bass, Perch, many Saltwater species and just generally anything that will eat a bug become accessible through our selection.

Do you know what type of fly fishing reel or spool you're shopping for?

Reel selection will vary depending on the weight or "wt" of the Fly Rod you are using. If you or the person you are shopping for has a species that they target exclusively, you may want to consider the following:

Fly Reels are meant to be used with Fly fishing rods. Other types of reels should not be used with Fly Rods. Check out our outstanding lineup of Casting, Spinning and Conventional reels if you need something to pair with your other rods!

The bigger or heavier the fish you are targeting, generally the higher the weight “wt” the reel should be. The weight of the reel should be matched to within one level of the weight of the rod, however exact matching should be applied unless it can’t be helped. For example if you are buying a 4wt reel, the rod should also be 4wt but should attach to a 3wt rod or 5wt rod.

Fly reels are great multi-species reels and are the gold standard of many anglers arsenals world-wide. Any species that swims and eats insects or their larvae can be caught using these wonderful tools.

Fly Reels/Rods and Fly Fishing can take some practice to master but despite the technique looking difficult it is surprisingly easy to learn and Fly Fishing can be done anywhere from Creeks, Streams, Rivers and Lakes to Inshore and in the open Ocean from a smaller craft or Kayak.

If you or someone you know is an angler looking for a new way to fish and experience nature or an old hand at Fly Fishing then a Fly Reel is the perfect choice for them.

Tight lines and Fish on!