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Ready to up your angling game to the next level? Sick of having finicky or pressured fish spook from more visible lines such as Braid and Mono? Gear up with the king of stealth: Fluorocarbon. We have just about every major brand name in the industry! Berkley Vanish, Trilene, Seaguar, Stren, Sufix, Spiderwire, Florida Fishing, Northland and tons more! We also have Fluorocarbon line for every occasion, from abrasion-resistant, temperature resistant, invisible and vanishing, but visible out of the water varieties! All at prices that beat even the local retailers! Let us help you catch the big one with our Fluorocarbon line!

Do you know what kind of fluorocarbon line you’re shopping for?

Fluorocarbon line is a sinking line and can be used with any presentation and although it may not be ideal for some topwater artificial techniques it can still be used! The fluorocarbon line is nearly invisible in the water due to its ability to not reflect light. It is also more abrasion resistant and stronger (per diameter) than most other standard line types such as Monofilament. Due to its invisible nature, it is the most often used line in sport fishing.

Tight, invisible lines and Fish on!