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Artificial Plastic and Rubber Fishing Worms and Leeches


Buy Eels, Worms and Leeches Online

Looking for artificial imitations of Eels, Worms and Leeches just as good as the real thing? Look no further! We have a gigantic selection of products to cater to your angling needs. We have brands like Big Bite Baits, Berkley, Johnson, Biobait, Googan, Gary Yamamoto, Googan and more!

Eels, Worms and Leeches are also known as Stickbaits, Dingers, Senkos, Finesse worms, Ring Fry, and Ribbontail Worms, although odd-looking at first glance are some of the most strike-inducing soft plastics ever invented and look to Bass and Gamefish like a big tasty meal. Able to be fished with finesse or power, top, middle or bottom of the water column, these soft plastics are hands down the most versatile plastics in the industry.

Let us help you catch the big one with our Eels, Worms and Leeches!

Do you know what type of artificial worms or eels you’re shopping for?

If you or an angler you know is looking to pattern or catch numbers of Bass or other game fish then these soft plastics will be your best weapon.

There is literally no wrong way to fish these lures, so they are a great starting lure. Stickbaits (Senkos, etc…) can be fished Wacky style (hooked through the middle of the bait), weighted, weightless and anything in between. When fished on a hook specific to Stickbaits or Wacky they will fall through the water column with a soft shimmy enticing massive strikes from Bass. When fished with a weight or on a Ned rig, Shakey head or Jig they will sink to the bottom, sitting straight up with the tail wobbling, garnering strikes from curious Bass that are bottom oriented. Ribbontail worms and Ring fry can be fished just like Stickbaits but also have the ability to entice strikes while being reeled through the water with the tail waving like a real baitfish.

Although possibly the most widely-used lure by experienced professionals and anglers alike, these lures also make great starter lures for the inexperienced and children since their versatility negates inexperience.

Artificial baits are used by professional anglers in tournaments world wide and also to get into places where it is nearly impossible to get live bait into without getting hung up (your lure stuck) and many anglers prefer these types of baits exclusively. If you are sick of getting dirty from live bait or just bored from sitting in one spot and waiting for fish to come to you, artificial Eels, Worms and Leeches are the way to go!

Take the fight to the fish with our Eels, Worms and Leeches!

Tight lines and Fish on!