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Looking for artificial imitations of Creatures and Craws just as good as the real thing? Look no further! We have a selection of nearly 300 products to cater to your angling needs. We have brands like Big Bite Baits, Berkley, Johnson, Biobait, Googan, Strike King Rage Tail, Reaction Innovations and more!

Creatures and Craws also known as Bass “Creature baits” mimic the natural insect and crawfish forage in Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Swamps and Inshore and cover the spectrum from Helgramites to Crawfish that Bass and other gamefish love to munch on year round.

Do you know what sort of artificial creature baits you’re shopping for?

If you or an angler you know is looking to catch Bass that are bottom oriented (which they are often all throughout the year) then Creatures and Craws are the way to go. No other soft plastic mimics perfectly the subtle actions of Crawfish like these. Meant to be attached to the end of a Skirted Jig or Fished texas-rigged (bullet weight, and hook) and drug or reeled along the bottom with occasional hops and thrown into spots with heavy structure (logs, rocks, brush, etc…). No other presentation is as snag free as this.

They are also used on Punch Rigs (a heavy bullet weight with a hook) and Flipping Jigs (jigs with a sharp/bullet nose) for getting through tough surface vegetation and mats/holes and down to those fish that otherwise can’t be targeted. Although these are the most common applications when it comes to Creatures and Craws, many experienced anglers opt to use Craws and Creatures weightless for very shallow or topwater presentations, or on a swimbait hook/jig for a larger profile and less-seen action to mimic bigger forage like Bluegill and Sunfish as well. The potential uses of these soft plastics are limited only by the imagination of the user.

Creatures and Craws will be used to catch larger fish such as Bass and just generally anything that will eat something moving in the water, however these are great multispecies catchers and big fish are often caught while using Crawfish presentations!

Take the fight to the fish with our Creatures and Craws!

Tight lines and Fish on!