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If you're looking for a great selection of Crankbaits, the Golden standard powerfishing lure for Bass, Crappie and other gamefish, you've come to the right place. We have what you need in a giant selection from trusted brands like Johnson, Strike King KVD, Smithwick, Rapala, and Berkley and even rarer, up-and-coming brands like Jenko, Vense, Sebile and more.

Crankbaits are used world-wide by anglers from casual to Professional to catch fish on the go. No other bait outperforms a crank when it comes to powerfishing (quick back to back casts and retrieves) and we have all your bases covered. Sick of sitting around in one spot waiting for the fish to come to you? Get into some action today with a Crankbait from our shop!

Let us help you catch the big one with our premium Cranks!

Do you know what type of crankbait you’re shopping for?

Crankbaits are used to catch multiple species, however the main species targeted is Bass. Bass respond positively to these lures, being primarily reactive fish. If you're looking for a faster paced style of Bass fishing then Crankbaits are your best bet.

Patterns and colors will be used to match the local forage in your water, however having multiple colors and shades like chartreuse, green/brown/natural and black is very useful depending on the color and clarity of the water you fish. If the water you fish contains Shad or herring, then a Shad colored crank is a must-have. Clear water is usually fished with a silent, natural colored or brightly colored crank while heavily stained and muddy waters should be fished with loud/rattling, larger lures with darker colors.

The action of a Crankbait depends on the “lip” (the clear plastic bill on the front of the lure). A “Squarebill” crank has a wild erratic side to side action and is useful during periods when fish are very active in warmer water and usually run more shallow from 2-5 feet. The diamond or rounded bills have a less erratic action and a tight wobble for when the water is colder and/or fish are being finicky, however all styles of bills can be used situationally during all times of the year. Crankbaits will have a range of depth that can be found in the description and will cover water depth from 1 to 20+ feet.

As stated earlier you can catch multiple other species using Crankbaits. The smaller or micro Crankbaits that are an inch or so or under will be used to catch Panfish such as Crappie, Perch and Bluegill. The larger models will be used to catch larger gamefish such as Bass, Bowfin, Pike, Snakehead, etc...

Tight lines and Fish on!