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Looking for the easiest way to rig a soft plastic properly onto a Skirted Jig? Sick of biting off chunks of plastic or using and ruining multiple plastics trying to get your Football or Flippin’ Jig to look perfect? Our Chunks and Trailers are the way to go!

While you may think that the odd, unnatural look of a chunk wouldn’t catch as many Bass, the fish don’t care. The appendages of these lures undulate and flap in the water perfectly mimicking the posture of a defensive crawfish raising its pincers at a predator. Great for cold water and finicky fish yet able to catch fish more consistently than any other lure year ‘round, our Chunks from long time brands like Berkley are easy to slip straight on the Jig and their big square bases hold on tight to the hook without slipping off during the cast and getting bunched up on every bite.

Let us help you catch the big one with our Chunks and Trailers!

Do you know what type of chunks and trailers you’re shopping for?

Trailers and Chunks are meant to be attached to the hook shank (base) of any kind of “Skirted” (colored silicone rubber skirts) Jig or Spinnerbait, but can also be used with weights and smaller hooks such as a Wacky rig/hook, Ned Rig or Dropshot hook for a presentation that is seldom seen by pressured fish (fish that see lots of lures or have been caught multiple times before).

Bass are generally the target species, although larger mouthed Panfish can be caught with smaller Jigs/Chunks as well as other game fish such as Striper, Bowfin, Pike and some Saltwater species can be caught using Chunks on a Jig.

Chunks are meant to mimic Crawfish mainly and should generally be fished on the bottom, with occasional hops and jerks to trigger strikes. They can also be used on Spinnerbaits and unskirted Jig presentations though to bulk up a lures “profile” (the width) to the fish to match its current forage. Year ‘round nothing beats a Jig and Chunk Trailer for consistent fish catching prowess.

If you’re ready to up your game then start fishing a Jig and Chunk. It is possibly the most key part of every good professional anglers arsenal.

Tight lines and Fish on!