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Casting Rods for Sale


Buying the Right Casting Rod

Rod selection will vary depending on the species of fish you are targeting. If you or the person you are shopping for has a species that they target exclusively, you may want to consider the following:

Casting Rods are meant to be used with Baitcasting and Spincasting reels. Spinning reels should not be used with Casting rods and instead should be used with a Spinning rod. Check out our outstanding lineup of Spinning rods to pair with open-faced Spinning reels.

The smaller the fish is, the lighter the rod "power" (thickness and pliability) should be. Generally the heavier the fish species is, the heavier the power should be. Action (where the rod bends on the blank) is specific to the type of lure being used.

Panfish (Bluegill, Crappie and other Sunfish) are generally caught on Light/Ultra light rods, Bass will be caught with the entire spectrum (from Ultra-light to Heavy) depending on the technique. Catfish are usually caught on medium to heavy power rods and bigger fish such as ocean species, Musky and Pike will generally be caught on Heavy/Extra heavy power rods.

Tight lines!