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Shop for Soft Plastic Baits and Topwater Bait Online

Looking for artificial imitations of Bugs, Grubs and Fry just as good as the real thing? Look no further! We have a selection of over 600 products to cater to your angling needs. We have brands like Big Bite Baits, Berkley, Johnson, Biobait, Googan and more!

Bugs, Grubs and Fry also known as small “Creature baits” mimic the natural insect and crawfish forage in Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Swamps and Inshore and cover the spectrum from Helgramites to small Crawfish that fish love to munch on year round. Let us help you catch the big one with our Bugs, Grubs and Fry!

Do you know what type of soft plastic or topwater bait you’re shopping for?

If you or an angler you know is looking to catch numbers of fish or are targeting finicky gamefish that won’t eat bigger baits then these are the way to go. The smaller a presentation (bait and technique) is generally the more apt fish are to eat it. If you are looking to catch multiple species on one bait, pair these with a small hook or lure and have at it.

Many anglers start small with a Grub (or Twintail Grub) when they begin patterning (figuring out what exactly fish are eating) and then work their way up from there, so these lures make a great starting point for experienced anglers, yet also make great numbers (lots of fish) and fun baits for inexperienced or casual anglers and kids to “cut their teeth” on.

Artificial baits are used by professional anglers in tournaments world wide and also to get into places where it is nearly impossible to get live bait into without getting hung up (your lure stuck) and many anglers prefer these types of baits exclusively. If you are sick of getting dirty from live bait or just bored from sitting in one spot and waiting for fish to come to you, artificial Creature baits are the way to go!

Grubs come in sizes 1 (or less) to 5 (plus) inches with curl tailed, twin tailed and boot tailed varieties in stock. The smaller end of the spectrum will generally be used to catch Bluegill/Panfish, Crappie and smaller Brackish/Saltwater species and smaller Bass while the Bigger end of the spectrum will be used to catch larger fish such as Bass and just generally anything that will eat something moving in the water, however these are great multispecies catchers and big fish are surprisingly often caught on smaller baits so don’t be afraid to play around!

Take the fight to the fish with our Bugs, Grubs and Fry!

Tight lines and Fish on!