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Fishbrain Shop Braided & Uni-filament Lines

Sick of breaking off and losing those fish that could’ve been? Worry no more with our huge selection of Braided and Uni-filament lines! We have a virtual smorgasbord of Braid here in the Fishbrain shop from trusted brands like Berkley, Sufix, Florida Fishing, Northland, Spiderwire, Mustad, PowerPro and more! We also have Superline and Uni-filament for niche techniques and presentations as well! Let us help you catch the big one without worrying about breaking off with our lineup of Braid and Superline!

Do you know what type of line you’re shopping for?

Braided line floats on top of the water and comes in multiple “Carriers” (individual threads in the line), usually from 4 to 9. The more carriers the line has the tougher it is. Braid comes in an assortment of lb. test strengths (tensile strength) from 4-100+ lbs. Braid is some of the toughest of all lines and should be used any time structure is thick or sharp and can also be used any time the water is heavily stained or muddy. While more visible than traditional lines like Fluorocarbon and Monofilament, our lineup comes in many different camouflaged colors as well for maximum stealth.

Tight lines and Fish on!