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Looking for the perfect cross between flash and vibration? Meet the Blade Bait. We carry a MASSIVE selection in our shop from the industry leader: Steelshad. We have a huge selection of colors, weights and profiles and even customizable designs such as your favorite team. Blade baits give the flash of a Spinnerbait mixed with the Vibration of a Lipless Crank. The tight wobble and erratic action of this lure will trigger reaction strikes out of the finickiest of fish.

The treble-hooked-black-sheep-older-brother of the Vibrating Jig/Chatterbait, these lures are incredible fish catchers and are vastly underused in today’s sport. They say lures catch more fishermen than fish, but that definitely isn’t true with Blade Baits. Just as the Drop Shot, Ned Rig, Vibrating Jig and Maribou have made huge comebacks and entrances into the Bass and Panfish arena in recent years, this is another lure that is poised to do the same. Advantage: it hasn’t yet. Get an actual secret weapon on your side today!

Do you know what type of blade bait you’re shopping for?

Blade Baits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but generally the smaller the lure is, the smaller species of fish you will be targeting and vise versa. Anything ⅜ oz. or over, will generally be used to target larger gamefish such as Bass and anything “mini” or under ⅜ oz will be used to target smaller species such as Crappie and Panfish (although sometimes it can be useful to target Bass and larger species with smaller Blade Baits). These lures work on just about anything in the water that is predatory from Freshwater game to Ocean and Inshore species like Drum, Snook, etc…

Heavier Blade Baits sink faster and can be used to quickly target fish holding deeper. Lighter lures should be used to target fish holding more shallow and this technique can be used independently of the species size.

Tight lines and Fish on!