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Sick of messing around with and getting soiled up by Live Bait? The Fishbrain Shop Natural baits section provides the best alternative to be had. From Panfish, Bass, Catfish and Trout to multiple Saltwater selections and species, we’ve got you covered. We carry a wide selection from expert brands such as Berkley (Gulp/PowerBait) and Biobait, two of the finest and most experienced Natural bait makers in the industry.

Natural Baits are designed to mimic the smell and feel of live bait, drawing the fish from further away and keeping them on the bait for longer, maximizing your chances of getting a solid hookset. The advantage Natural baits pose over Live bait is that you can often get them into spots where live bait may end up tangling your line, causing a breakoff. They can also be used with a wider variety of hooks, rigging and techniques allowing for even more versatility.

If you’re looking for that sweet spot between Live and Artificial baits and lures, you’ve come to the right place! Let us help you catch the big one!

What Type of Bait is Best for Your Needs?

Worm/Leech imitations will generally be used to catch Panfish, Bass, and Catfish. Egg imitations will be used to catch Trout and Salmon. Dough can be used to catch a variety of species and Nibbles will generally be used for Crappie and Sunfish. Corn imitations will be used to catch (but are not limited to) Carp, Buffalo and other suckers. Simply attach the bait to your hook or jig, or add it to a Tube/other artificial lure for a more alluring presentation. Smell is an important and often overlooked factor when catching fish and many of these baits have been tested in the lab to be just as, or more potent in attracting fish than the real thing.

Minus the mess and stench, you can’t go wrong with Natural baits.

Tight lines and Fish on!