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Tips for Fishing in Texas

Make your Texas fishing trip more successful with the right gear.

Best Gear for Saltwater Fishing in Texas

Stock up on these essentials when fishing off the Texas coast

Fishing in Texas

All you need to know before hitting the waters in the Lone Star state

The great state of Texas or the Lone Star State has over 3,350 miles of tidal shoreline and 367 miles of general coastline. Texas has over 7000 lakes, but also boasts tons of rivers and streams home to a variety of fish. Common fish species found in Texas include Largemouth Bass, Green Sunfish, Red Drum and more.

In Texas fishing is free with no license required at one of the 70+ state parks. Coastal waters, rivers and lakes outside of these areas do require a license. You can learn how to obtain Texas fishing license at TakeMeFishing.