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Learning to fish?

Here’s our top fishing kits for the first cast

Popular species for fishing

New and experienced anglers alike enjoy catching the following species.

Largemouth bass

Northern pike


Best fishing gear for beginners

Below are our top recommendations for new anglers based on community ratings and price entry point.

Best fishing rods for beginners

Check out the below fishing rods recommended for beginner anglers. These rods are guaranteed to be comfortable

Fishing reels for beginner anglers

Below are the best fishing reels for beginner anglers. These pair well with our rod recommendations above.

Beginner baits and tackle

Fill your tackle-box with these highly recommended baits and lures, perfect for beginners.

Beginner kits

Get your hands on the perfect kit for you.

Top fishing apparel

These clothes will have you looking like a professional angler

Beginner fishing kits

We understand that building out your beginner fishing kit can be an intimidating experience. There’s so much to learn and think about. You can rest assured that the Fishbrain Shop has the best recommendations for new anglers. Our recommendations are based on what users in the Fishbrain App use to catch the most fish, how reputable the brands are, and what gear is a good affordable entry point for the beginner. We are happy to help answer any questions you have when building your kit. Feel free to drop us a line and ask away.

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