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Seller standards

The standards we expect all sellers on the Fishbrain Shop to maintain

At Fishbrain we value our customers and want them to know they can expect excellent service and quality products whenever, wherever, and however they shop with us.

If you’re joining us on the Fishbrain Shop, we already know you have a great product our customers will love so we want to be sure that we all do our very best to ensure the highest possible standards of presentation and customer service are maintained to keep our customers coming back.

Why have standards?

As retailers, we listen to our customers every day, and in the world of online shopping we know that almost all of the things that disappoint and frustrate our customers are when we fail in a few key areas: shipping, communication, product information, returns/refunds and stock availability. By setting standards for these critical aspects of customer service that our customers can come to expect from us every time they shop on the Fishbrain Shop we collectively build confidence and trust in what we do, but if any of us let the team down we let our collective customers down.

General Seller Standards

All sellers are expected to meet and maintain certain standards:

  • Accurate inventory
  • Orders picked and dispatched within 48 hours
  • Delivery to customers needs to be undertaken by a reputable service capable of meeting the delivery standards, within 7 business days of dispatch
  • 24 hour response time to customer queries
  • 30-day “change of mind” returns^
  • Refunds approved within 48 hours of the item being returned to the seller
  • Maintain a seller review rating of above 3.5 out of 5, reflecting the high standards expected of sellers on Fishbrain

Fishbrain reserves the right to vary the Fishbrain Seller Standards at any time. Fishbrain will provide existing Sellers with 30 days’ notice of any material changes

Shipping Standards

In order to meet our promise to our customers of timely delivery and communication, we require sellers to:

  • Ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving the order
  • Maintain a 95% fulfilment rate
  • Custom made items with longer lead times must be communicated on the product page
  • Ship all orders in safe and secure packaging to prevent damage in transit
  • Send a shipping notification as soon as an order is dispatched
  • Provide tracking numbers via shipping notification emails and in the service portal
  • Use a reliable transport provider to ensure delivery US wide in no more than 7 business days
  • Include shipping notes (manifest) with all parcels to clarify contents of parcels and seller information
  • We understand that from time to time things can go wrong in the fulfilment process. Be proactive with your communication if you cannot meet the above expectations – don’t wait for customer complaints.

Delivery proposition

Shipping costs are one of the biggest barriers to buying online, so keeping your shipping costs competitive will help to deliver better conversion and encourage repeat purchase.

  • All sellers are required to clearly disclose the shipping rate to customers on the product listing page for every item they list
  • Items must be flagged as “standard” shipping or “big and bulky”


To improve conversion, build trust with our customers you are required to:

  • Advise return address details for shipping upon registration on the Fishbrain Marketplace
  • Accept “change of mind” returns, in condition fit for resale, from customers within a reasonable period of time (a reasonable period of time in most cases is deemed to be 30 days). Please familiarize yourself with the customer facing returns policy displayed on the Fishbrain Marketplace website.
  • Meet all US consumer law and associated regulations in respect to accepting return of faulty or inferior products or services
  • Manage all refunds through the Fishbrain Marketplace seller portal or by contacting your account manager to ensure your sales amount is refunded correctly and records of returns are accurately maintained
  • If you believe the item returned to you has been damaged by the customer, or is not the item you sent to them originally please contact your Fishbrain Marketplace account manager rather than the customer directly

Customer Complaints & Queries

Whether a customer contacts you directly or via the Fishbrain Marketplace team, responding in a timely and professional manner will give customers a reason to shop with you again. It is expected that all sellers:

  • Respond to queries within 1 business day
  • Acknowledge and consider customer rights in compliance with the law
  • Adhere to privacy and consumer laws
  • Respond in a professional tone
  • Provide updates on issue resolution to your account manager where applicable
  • Always respond in line with the seller standards

Where an issue is unable to be resolved, we’re here to help! Contact your account manager to help you resolve any disputes you can’t handle directly.


Customer privacy is of the utmost importance to Fishbrain. As a seller on the Fishbrain Shop, you will adhere to certain privacy standards in line with our customer-facing privacy policy.

Product listing

The Fishbrain Shop is a home for sellers of quality products, and customers expect a certain consistent standard when it comes to the way we present product online.

Images and product attributes need to meet the following standards to be published online:

  • Minimum of 1 image per product, maximum of 8 images
  • For product shots, the primary image must be on white background where appropriate (RGB 255 255 255)

Images must be:

  • File size = lower than 32MB
  • File type = .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG or .WEBP
  • A minimum size of 1000px x 1000px

  • All images of the listed item must be of the product/service itself or the product in use

  • No images are to contain seller contact details, pricing, text overlays, watermarks or advertising material

  • All mandatory product attributes are required for a product listing to go live and listed on the Fishbrain Shop