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Saltwater Fishing Gear & Kits

Stock up on hot items for salty waters

The best saltwater fishing rods

A selection of the top-rated fishing rods for saltwater anglers. Grab yours.

The best saltwater fishing reels

Grab these highly recommended fishing reels for saltwater fishing

Popular species for saltwater fishing

These are the top species caught by saltwater anglers. Learn more.

The best lines for saltwater fishing

These lines are the highest rated among our users for saltwater angling.

Top tackle choices for saltwater fishing

Fill up your tackle box with the highest quality tackle for saltwater fishing.

Fill your saltwater tackle box with these baits and lures

According to data in our app, these baits and lures are proven to be the most successful when saltwater fishing.

Create your personalized saltwater fishing kit today.

Stock up on supplies and get your salt water fishing kit picks at great prices from the Fishbrain Shop. We have the exact fishing gear you need to have a successful day on the water. Browse our top recommendations, and make your own kit with salt water fishing products from brands like Berkley or Abu Garcia to help you get the gear you need for the season.

Make sure your next saltwater fishing experience is as productive as it is exhilarating with these top products, chosen by the number of successful catches in our app. Fishbrain partners with the most reputable saltwater fishing brands in the industry to bring you the best gear to stock up on for your next fishing adventure.