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Frequently Asked Questions

For all urgent inquiries, contact customer support..

Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

Can I get a refund?

If you bought products via Fishbrain within the past 30 days and want to request a refund, please contact us here or request a return. For the full terms and conditions on returns, view our Terms and Conditions.

What proof of purchase do I need to present for a return?

If you are looking for a return, please visit Request a Return.

Contacting Sellers

If I have a query about an order, can I contact the seller directly?

Please contact our Fishbrain support team or visit Request a Return . We will be happy to contact the seller on your behalf.


What payment options does the Fishbrain shop support?

On the Fishbrain shop you can use Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Becoming a Seller

How can I send my products on the Fishbrain shop?

If you want to add your brand to the Fishbrain shop, please see Become a Seller.

Fishbrain app

I want more information about the Fishbrain app.

Please visit the frequently asked questions on the Fishbrain app.