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Ice Fishing

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Stock up on hot items for freezing temps.

The Best Fishing Gear for Ice and Cold Weather

Shop the hottest trends in cold weather fishing with these excellent ice-fishing kit picks.

Popular species for Ice Fishing

What will you catch?

Largemouth bass

Northern pike


Ice Fishing Jig Kits

Shop the best performing ice fishing jigs and jig kits

Ice Fishing Lures & Baits

Shop the best lures and baits for ice fishing

Ice Fishing Clothes & Cold Weather Fishing Apparel

Stay warm on the ice with these cold weather fishing picks from our experts

Ice Fishing Accessories and tools

Get your favorites

Ice Fishing Kits & Cold Weather Fishing

Fishbrain has the right gear for performing well under freezing temps to haul in tons of fish.

Stock up on supplies for the cold weather and get your ice fishing kit picks at great prices from the Fishbrain Shop. Whether you're braving sub-zero temps on the ice or bracing the brisk winter air on the shore of the lake, we have the exact fishing gear you need to have a successful day on the water. Browse our cold-weather clothing to stay warm, and make your own kit with ice fishing jigs. ow stocking products from brands like Tailored Tackle, 13 Fishing, Steelshad, Favorite Fishing and Mustad to help you get the gear you need for the season.

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Largemouth Bass


Freshwater drum