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Catfish fishing kits & gear

Catch more catfish with these gear recommendations

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Stock up on fishing combos especially chosen for catfish fishing

Best fishing rods for catching catfish

Browse our recommended fishing rods. These rods are top-rated by our community for catching catfish.

Best fishing reels for catching catfish

Our community thinks the below reels are the best choice for catfish fishing.

Best kits and accessories for catfish fishing

Browse top fishing kits and accessories to catch more catfish.

Best baits and hooks for catfish

Browse top fishing gear categories to find your next favorite product.

Best lines for catfish fishing

Browse top fishing gear categories to find what you need to catch more catfish.

Create the ultimate catfish fishing kit

Complete your catfish fishing kit with our expert gear recommendations. We recommend the best gear by analyzing millions of catches around the world in the Fishbrain app and finding the most common gear anglers use when catching catfish. We also get recommendations from our expert Pro Staff and their favorite fishing gear. Catch your personal best by building the ultimate kit for catfish fishing with recommended products from the Fishbrain Shop!

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