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Abu Garcia has recently joined forces with Fishbrain to offer its well-known and high-quality products directly through the Fishbrain Shop. Shop some of Abu Garcia's most loved products directly through Fishbrain.

Popular Products from Abu Garcia

Veritas Casting and Spinning Rods

The Veritas rods are one of Abu Garcia's most renowned series of rods on the market. The veritas series offers improved weight and balance. Both the Veritas casting and spinning rods offer 30 ton construction with Sublayer Armor™. This ensures that all rods are comfortable, lightweight and well balanced.

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Vengeance Casting and Spinning Rods

For those seeking balanced and lightweight design to their rods, the Vengeance™ series delivers just that. Both the casting and spinning rods boast a 24 Ton high modulus graphite blank paired with stainless steel guides for the ultimate in comfort on the water. You don't have to worry about losing your grip with this series, as both rods have split grip high density EVA handles.

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Black Max Spinning and Casting Reels

The Black Max series of reels comes packed with features any angler is sure to consider a valuable addition to their angling kit. This series offers a lightweight body due to it being crafted from graphite. Along with a sturdy rotor, this reel provides a secure base which ensures exceptional performance, regardless of angler experience level. Many call this rod a great performing rod at an even better entry level price, so pick one up today and learn why the Black Max series is enjoyed by all.

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Silver Max Casting and and Spinning Reel

The Silver Max series of reels is a new generation of reels that offer an improved ergonomics with a fresh new look. This updated series packs a ton of value into a rod with an excellent price. This reel series comes loaded with signature Abu Garcia features, such as a rocket clutch mechanism, allowing anglers to easily disengage with one hand or directly by the spool. The new The Power Disk™ drag system offers improved drag performance that is noticeably smooth. With these new features, anglers can eliminate the need for additional methods of engagement. This makes it incredibly easy to use pitching flipping or back trolling techniques.

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Revo Max Spinning and Casting Reels

As anglers have come to expect from Abu Garcia, the Revo® X Baitcast Reel delivers excellent performance and reliability. This reel is a great choice for anglers of any experience level to improve their bass fishing game. This was initially designed for professional anglers, but the low-profile design paired with high durability and performance, quickly made this a favorite and highly recommended reel to any angler. This reel has tournament grade dependability, making it an excellent investment that will offer you years of enjoyment on the water.

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Popular Fishing Products

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Baitcast Reels Low Profile

About Abu Garcia

ABU Garcia is a timeless brand, it's history beginning in the early 1920s. The original name, ABU, was born along the banks of the river Mörrum in Svängsta, Sweden. Borgström, the founder, was a skilled craftsman with a talent for skilled precision engineering. At that time, the company produced products like pocket watches and timers. After World War II, the company redirected their products to precision fishing wheels, which were internationally renown. The quality of ABU's work won them the title of "Purveyor To The Royal Swedish Court," a rare distinction only bestowed on a select group of craftsmen. In 1984, ABU partnered with a US distributor (Garcia) and became ABU Garcia, the name we recognize today. Read more about them on their website.

Over 48,000 users have ABU Garcia products to their tackle-box on Fishbrain.