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Get your brand on Fishbrain

Millions of anglers are waiting for you.

Introducing a new sales channel for your brand to sell your products directly on Fishbrain. Give your brand a voice and a storefront on the No. 1 platform anglers use to connect, find fishing spots, and log catches.

How it works

How it works

What comes next

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Get in touch

Contact us above to give us more info about your brand.

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Let's Chat

Our team will get back to you right away to help you get set up.

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Launch on the Fishbrain Shop

Your fishing gear is available to millions in the Fishbrain app!

General Seller Standards

At Fishbrain, we value our customers and want them to know that they can expect excellent service and quality products whenever, wherever, and however they shop with us.

If you’re joining us on the Fishbrain Shop, we already know you have a great product that our customers will love so we want to be sure that we all do our very best to ensure the highest possible standards of presentation and customer service are maintained to keep our customers coming back.

For this reason, we ask all sellers to be familiar with and uphold the Seller Standards.